About The Cake Creative

The Cake Creative started when I, Anna Kouwenberg, decided to carry on the tradition passed down from my mother and bake cakes for my family’s birthdays, and then it took off from there!  Starting with a cake for my oldest daughter’s birthday it ignited a passion for all things cake.

Wedding cake by my mom

Wedding cake by my mom in the 90’s

I guess if you really want to be technical about it that wasn’t my first cake, I did lots of cupcakes and little cakes growing up with my mom.  Growing up my mom always made our birthdays special with creative cakes using our favorite characters or themes and then some of her friends and colleagues started noticing her great cakes and then she started making more!  She did some absolutely beautiful wedding cakes with incredibly intricate flowers and butter cream details.  Of course she would let us watch and learn how she did it, from mixing up the cake, to baking it just right and decorating it to perfection.  Our prize for keeping our fingers out of the batter and off of the cakes was always a big squirt of her amazing butter cream icing – the recipe I still use today!

Thank you Mom for teaching me how to do great cakes and sharing tips and tools to do my own!

Then when I started to do cakes and get into them more and more, I decided that butter cream cakes could only take me so far – I had to learn fondant!  Surprise, surprise, with a mom into cakes my sister is also great at cake decorating and was happy to share her fondant tips and tricks with me – and thankfully a recipe for amazingly yummy marshmallow fondant.  I’ll never buy my fondant with that recipe, it tastes too yummy!

Cake by me and my sister

Jeni and I with our 2-in-1 cake

A couple of years into my cake making her and I also teamed up for one of the most epic cakes either of us have made, a five tier two-design-in-one wedding cake. One side was traditional white with elegant butter cream details and the other side was chocolate with chocolate dipped “tuxedo” strawberries – one side for the bride and one for the groom!  It took us a few days to get that one done but it was a lot of fun to do it together.  With her being all the way down in California usually the only way we see each other’s cakes is the text messaged pictures late at night when we finish one of our creations!

Monkey Baby Shower Cake

Monkey baby shower cake

But before the epic cake with my sister, I had her recipe and directions in hand I began doing fondant cakes, and I loved it! I was hooked!  So now I’d say most of my cakes are done with at least some fondant details because there’s so much you can do with it.  My girls have dubbed it Mommy’s play-doh.  I’ve had fun doing traditional cakes with it but also making some really cute cake toppers too – so much fun!

That’s my story – from growing up with a taste for butter cream icing to now spending many days, evenings and weekends creating that special addition to many a birthday party, wedding, and so many other occasions!  I look forward to doing it for years to come!  If you want to see some of the creations I’ve made make sure you check out the galleries, you’ll see why I have so much fun!

As the cake business continues to grow, the more I’ve also found I need help to get it all done. My husband Adam has now been helping with many of the cakes. He bakes, he rolls fondant, and he is AMAZING with an airbrush. Together we’ve made some pretty awesome cakes!